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Top Songs Of Willie Nelson That One Shouldn’t Miss Out On!

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Willie Hugh Nelson, born on April 29th, 1993, in Abbott, Texas, United States, is an American musician, activist, and actor. Willie makes use of various musical instruments to get a perfect blend of music in his songs. His songs will mainly include a hybrid of pop, jazz, folk, rock, and blues. The main factors and elements that complete his songs are the gut-string guitar, relaxed behind the beat singing style, jazzy, off-centre phrasing, and nasal voice. What are we waiting for? Let us quickly get into the list of his top songs that one should not miss at all!

Angel flying too close to the ground

This song was released in the 1980s, where Nelson played a version of himself, a musical drama depicting a struggling singer in a country. Dyan Cannon, Amy Irving, Hank Cochran, Jeannie Seely, Emmylou Harris, and fiddler Johnny Gimble were the co-stars and musicians who joined Nelson in this song.


Forgiving you was easy

Nelson has always been that someone too good at meditating on memory through his songs. After releasing the song “Forgiving you was easy” in 1985, he claims that it was relatable to him as he could apply it to a dozen situations in his life.

Good hearted woman

This song featured Nelson and Jennings in 1976 and can be called a perfect “duet.” The song was already released in 1972, but they added fake crowd noise in the background and Nelson’s vocals, which gave an extra pep to the song and added to “Wanted: The Outlaws.”

Me and Paul

Released in 1971 was purely based on brotherhood, where Nelson dedicated the song “Me and Paul” to his drummer, Paul English. The song is a road-chugger about the poisons of Music Row, foibles of touring life, and how things are going with his partner in crime.

Pretty paper

“Pretty paper” became a hit, Roy Orbison, in 1963, which was actually inspired by a vendor or an amputee who has no legs and peddled paper and pencils for living outside a department store in Texa’s Fort Worth. Chet Atkins produced the song in 1964, and Nelson recorded the track by himself. Nelson makes the song simple and sweet, accompanied by his pristine vocals, ching, tender vibrato, and whatnot!


Half a man

This song is one of the songs from Nelson’s album, namely “Here’s Willie Nelson.” The song, released in 1963, was one of his earliest tracks and topped number 25 on “Billboard’s Hot Country Songs Chart.” The song consists of both Nelson’s classic country croon and creative storytelling!

Bloody Mary morning

This song was released in 1974 when Nelson had to go through many situations at a time. Nelson’s contract with RCA records going nowhere, marriage in shambles, and everything pointing back to him resulted from releasing this song.